Tuesday, September 6, 2011

PBA 2011 1st Pick JV Casio May Not Sign a Contract Under Powerade

The heady point guard JV Casio tabbed as the No. 1 pick overall by Powerade in the recent PBA Rookie Draft
does not know what the immediate future holds after hearing word he will only be given a maximum
two-year contract by the Tigers.

WHAT was supposed to be a sure thing is now hanging in the balance for JV Casio.

“We’ve heard Powerade will only give a new contract after the third year and it will be based on
the performances of the player and the team,” admitted Casio’s player-agent, Charlie Dy, Monday.

“Parang hindi fair, kumpara sa ibang fellow first round picks ni JV na nabigyan ng
tig-ti-three-year contracts,” Dy pointed out.

Dy added they are already re-thinking their options, including one that has a very sour taste.

“Kapag ganoon nga ang nangyari, we can opt not to sign,” he said.

First, Casio and Dy are set to sit down with Powerade management Wednesday and Dy said they will
await the final word before plotting their next move.

“We just have to listen to what they have to say, about their plans for JV and with regards to the
team,” stated Dy.

Powerade board representative/team manager JB Baylon is out of the country and could not be
contacted for comment. But he has said the Tigers want to rationalize the contracts of the players,
especially the rookies, by basing any deal from how the player and team fared on their third year

“How can one give out a guaranteed contract when one never knows how he and the team will turn out
together? I think a two-year contract is fair enough for potential,” said Baylon in a chat with
some sportswriters last week.

“I don’t believe in guaranteed (three-year contract). It should be based on team and individual

Casio and No. 4 overall pick Marcio Lassiter were given identical tender offers last Friday, just
for the Tigers to own the rights to the two players who are stars for the Smart-Gilas national team.

Casio’s uncertain future is in stark contrast to Paul Lee, the No. 2 pick who was inked by Rain or
Shine last Friday to a three-year deal giving the combo guard the league maximum of P150,000 a month
with a guaranteed increase of 50 percent per year.

Even Dylan Ababou, tabbed at No. 10 by Barako Bull was inked to a maximum two-year pact by the

Under league rules, a player can opt to sit it out for one year should he fail to come to terms with
the team that drafted him. But PBA commissioner Chito Salud has said the player must come up with a
very valid reason for his decision, else suffer sanctions. (NC)

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